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Technicity Times Hall of Fame

The Technicity Times Hall of Fame is where we recognize the hard work and generoisy of people who have made this site possible, through their work, sponsorship, contributions, or other help. We give our thanks and well-deserved recognition to:

Leslie Goodbar Leslie was the founding co-editor of Technicity Times, and her vision, energy, marketing skills, and dedication were invaluable. We couldn't have begun publishing without her.
Chris Keefe Chris did the original graphic design work, designing the pages, our logo, and our overall style.
Artin Mirzaian Artin was our initial webmaster, and he did most of the programming for the early issues.
Civic Resource Group Civic Resource Group was an early sponsor, and they provided hosting, software, and overall support to help get Technicity Times off the ground.
LA Creative Club LA Creative Club was an early sponsor, and they helped us assemble our team and added graphic design and marketing talent to the mix.

Technicity Times thanks all of your for your contributions and excellent work!