Technicity Times
    Issue 2• February 2003


Free Educational Software

By Phil Shapiro

Freeware educational software, delivered with recycled computers, can help recipients get many hours of use from their computer before they feel the need to purchase software of their own. Back in 1993, I helped design simplified logic puzzles for Macintosh computers, "Simple Sokoban," that have proved to be tremendously popular. The reward for me as puzzle designer is the emails I receive from folks around the world who have enjoyed playing these puzzles. Further information about these puzzles, including a downloading link, is at

Credit goes to Ingemar Ragnemalm and Scott Lindhurst for creating the software for these puzzles. (I did the "Simple Sokoban" puzzles design, but didn't create the software). This software runs on just about any Macintosh ever made, including the Mac Plus (circa 1986). I've used these logic puzzles with children as young as kindergarten age. High school students can play the puzzles too, at the more difficult levels.

Windows users need not feel left out. Earlier this year, I created simplified logic puzzles for the freeware SokoMind software for Windows. This software runs on any Windows 95 computer or higher. It fits on a floppy disk and can be distributed easily. Further information, including a narrated QuickTime movie showing the SokoMind software in action, can be found at

Phil Shapiro is a longtime supporter of community technology centers.