Technicity Times
    Issue 2• February 2003


Highlights of the First Year at Y.O.U.

By Natashka Jones


The visit by DaVE (the mobile digital art tour) is just the latest event in an exciting year at YOU Inc.'s Intel Computer Clubhouse. Most recently, two youths from the clubhouse, Chatiana Davis and Mario Peregrino, went to Boston for a Teen Summit hosted by the Museum of Science in Boston and the Computer Clubhouse Network. The Teen Summit brought together 120 young people ages 13-18 from clubhouses located in 14 states and 7 different countries. Together, these young leaders explored their place in the greater network and society at large. They also got to meet their intranet buddies (collectively known as "the village") who they have been communicating with on a regular basis on-line.

In another recent project, our youth discovered software that allowed them to build their own roller coasters (Roller Coaster Factory II). Using this software as a learning model, we then took the youth to Knott's Berry Farm Amusement Park, where they not only rode the roller coasters, but also saw how roller coasters were built.

In the past year Computer Clubhouse members provided tours of our facility to visitors from the United Kingdom, South Africa, the Intel Board, and the California Clubhouse Coordinators. Members also went on field trips -such as The Staples Center, and the KCET studios, where they participated in a taping about after-school programs that featured the clubhouse. We also incorporated a leadership program where members can run for president and vice president. Members campaign for office by using the software in the clubhouse like Adobe Photoshop, Flash, Bryce or the musical tracks. Once elected to office, the youth will serve for a term of two months. During the term they will assist other clubhouse members in activities as well as make decisions on the clubhouse welfare.

One of our proudest success stories is a nine-year-old named Jacob Cardiel. In June of 2002 Jacob designed the new logo for YOU using Bryce, a graphic design program used by production studios.



Natashka Jones is the YOU Inc. Intel Computer Clubhouse Coordinator,