Technicity Times
    Issue 3• June 2003

Tech Soup Arrives in LA to Serve Nonprofits

By Sarah Hawkins, long established in the SF Bay area as a valuable resource for nonprofits, has now established a presence in Los Angeles. Partnering with the Center for Nonprofit Management (CNM), TechSoup: Los Angeles aims to provide the estimated 30,000 nonprofits in the Los Angeles area with the tech know-how they need to more efficiently and effectively achieve their missions.

Since 1979, the CNM has fostered healthy neighborhoods and communities by improving the performance of nonprofit organizations addressing critical issues and serving underserved populations. CNM's Knowledge and Information services are free. Fees for other services are set on a sliding scale to help make them accessible to organizations of all sizes. started out three years ago with a unique idea: to be the single information source on all aspects of technology affecting the 1,200,000 nonprofit organizations in the United States. Today, steadily growing visitor numbers - in March, more than 90,000 visitors turned to the site for advice on technology - illustrate the increasing demand for such a tailored service. The TechSoup Web site features four main content areas: articles and news, tools and resources, an online community and DiscounTech, a product distribution service for donated and discounted technology products.

TechSoup articles cover a variety of topics from choosing a database to funding for technology and are written by experts for a nonprofit audience. In the Community you can interact with expert guides to access trustworthy technology information. The tools and resources are compiled into easy to navigate lists. User reviews and ratings help you choose the right ones for your organization. Launched in January 2002, DiscounTech is the technology product distribution service just for nonprofits. For a small administrative fee, nonprofits can order donated and discounted software and essential technology products from leading technology vendors such as Microsoft, Cisco and Intuit. TechSoup's weekly e-newsletter, "By the Cup", brings you highlights from TechSoup: articles, discussions on our message boards, discounted software alerts, and more. is a leading source of technology information designed expressly for nonprofits. TechSoup Local Editions represent locally relevant resources and events. Visit TechSoup: Los Angeles to access technology information specific to the Los Angeles nonprofit community.

Sarah Hawkins is a Program Associate for Tech Soup. You can reach her at


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